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Learn How to Have a Disney World Vacation On a Budget

Two families, two vacations headed to Disney World. Similar families with two children, middle class incomes and lived in the same neighborhood.  They flew on the same flight and stayed in 5-Star Disney World Resort.  Vacations were similar in everyway with Tours, events, rides and restaurants.  They left the same day and flew together on the same flight home.

But there was the one difference….

The difference was the amount each family spent on their vacation.  One family spent $5,200 and the other spent $2,700. Why the difference in cost of the trip?  Beth Haworth’s Book, that’s what!

 Beth Haworth has written a guide with the best tips, tricks and savings available for a Disney Vacation. Strategies that can literally save you hundreds of dollars. She is a best selling travel author but was also a Disney Cast Member which makes her an expert on all things Disney. It’s everything she has learned and discovered in making a Disney Vacation an affordable and magical experience Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is an e-Book. Because it is an e-Book, it is updated regularly. All customers receive lifetime access to e-Book updates, even if it’s months or years after your initial purchase.  An e-Book is a book you read on your screen. Advantages of an e-Book is you can read, or reference, the book anytime, anyplace, on your mobile device.  A handy tool to planning that next visit to Mickey Mouse!

Disney World Vacation Savings


Here is a sampling of the tips and tricks you will find in Beth Haworth’s Ultimate Disney World Guide.

How To Save Up To $200 (And More) – Just On Disney Ticket Costs Alone! Learn all the different ticket types and the best buys – which will literally save you hundreds of dollars.

Best Bargains On and Off Line –  Find the best places and sites to buy advance tickets.

Exclusive Discounts on Disney World Tickets! Available only to readers of this Guide.

Ticket Upgrades – How and when to exchanging or upgrading your Disney tickets.  Learn when it makes sense – and when will it actually cost you money?

E-bay Bargains – Don’t be fouled by the “discounted” Disney Pass Ticket Prices.  Many times they are not the bargain you thought they were.  This book tells you what to look out for so you are not caught paying more for tickets than necessary.

Additional hints on how to maneuver around the park from beating long lines, hidden entrances, dinner with Disney Characters, best shopping buys, lodges, shuttles, and even what to do on a rainy day.

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To the kid in all of us …. See you in Orlando!