Global Wines – Entertaining Family and Friends

Global Wines are just a few clicks away! What could be better than sharing the very best wines entertaining your family and friends?  Read on to learn how you may experience wine from around the world at your door step.

Whether you are one that enjoys Reds, Whites, or both you will find a great selection to explore from Direct Cellars. Plan to share with your family and friends all these new and exciting Global wines from around the world.  Have Fun with Wine!!

Global Wines selected from best wine producing countries are at your finger tips.   You owe it to yourself to be trying them. Traveling the world of wine in person is surely the best experience.  However, the next best thing is having them sent directly to you so you can enjoy sharing them.  That is what you get with Direct Cellars plus unbelievable customer service.

Direct Cellars handles the call from wine novices to wine enthusiasts with unbelievable Customer Service. You will enjoy a new selection of Global wines which are available for you each and every month.  Plan your parties around the shipping schedule.

wine memesCheck out this Presentation which will explain the simplicity of receiving wine monthly:

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Global Wines

The World’s best wine makers are working with the regions most respected grape vineyards to produce the ultimate wines.  You deserve to share in the flavor, the taste and the individual experience each wine presents to you.  Getting new and exciting Fine Wines from all over the Globe direct to you each month is awesome and convenient!

With access to the World’s Largest wine varieties, Direct Cellars is your solution and reward for your hard work in life.  So, enhance all your families special gatherings with your unique wines.  Think about pairing dark, healthy chocolate whenever you are sharing your newly discovered wines with your social circle. Global Wines


Wine is known as the elixir of life.  It has been around for Centuries, a literal gift from the Gods.  Used to celebrate and reflect on ones life, life achievements and special occasions.  With Direct Cellars, you will be looking for those moments, because you will have something that makes each moment remarkable… Fine Wine.

Global Wines Worthy of your Wine Cellar:  

   Build up your personal Wine Cellar   Keep in mind that each month you will receive a new variety of wines to celebrate life’s special moments and achievements.  Life should be full of memories, and locking those in with the enhancement of a Fine Wine is, well… magical.

Enhance the party, gathering, or romantic evening with  “Direct to your Door Fine Wines” with your membership with Direct Cellars.Global Wines

Start Here – and get Global Wines Delivered to you Monthly – and start Enjoying the Life Experiences You Deserve!


Dionysus – Wine History Summary

God of the Vine, Grape Harvest, Winemaking, Wine, Ritual Madness, Religious Ecstasy, and Theatre
2nd-century Roman statue of Dionysus, after a Hellenistic model (ex-coll. Cardinal Richelieu, Louvre)[1]
Abode Mount Olympus
Symbol Thyrsus, grapevine, leopard skin, panther, tiger, cheetah
Consort Ariadne
Parents Zeus and Semele
Siblings Ares, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hebe, Hermes, Heracles, Helen of Troy, Hephaestus, Perseus, Minos, the Muses, the Graces
Children Priapus, Hymen, Thaos, Staphylus, Oenopion, Comus, Phthonus
Roman equivalent Bacchus, Liber
Etruscan equivalent Fufluns

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Global Wines

Dionysus I know is smiling down upon us as we share Fine Wines from around the Globe with anyone discovering the exclusive experiences provided by Direct Cellars.  Join in on the fun and enjoy the Fine Wines the World’s foremost experts in wine-making have to offer.

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Global Wines A fine wine pairing can make any meal into an Event, and more so a lasting memory.  Think about it… when was the last time you had a truly fine wine?  Do you remember? . Events and life’s moments are always better with wine.

Global Wines

Act now to set up your Monthly shipment of fine wines from around the World through Direct Cellars.   There are birthdays, and celebrations throughout the year.  Why not have the perfect addition to make the moments magical by having a Fine Wine to make it a truly memorable occasion.

Choose Red, White or Both!

Global WinesGlobalWhether it is a Red or a White.  You can get one, the other, or some of each.  Amazing flexibility and yet, all will dance on your taste buds.

 It relaxes, soothes, and aides stress relief.  A Red Wine carries health benefits, as well as the ability to fight the damages of aging, and health caused by our everyday stress.


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Global Wines

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Our goal is to help you fill your own cellar with wine: that YOU LOVE – wine that you are CONFIDENT about – that you are PROUD OF – and most importantly – that you are excited to SHARE with your friends and family.